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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chocolate, Wine, and Twitter

So the book is almost done. The cover is almost done. The last few sweeps of the pen are going through the book. And we are out...

Editing done. Book published. Done. Check.

Let me give you a little secret, writing is the easy part.
All of this crap that comes afterwards is just that.... crap.

Editing while fun in the beginning because you actually have something to work with eventually turns into something akin to regurgitating cupcake puke, again and again and yes, again. So while yeah! its great you write the book... the hard part comes post-writing.

This is why I write with coffee and edit with wine.... it makes everything much easier. ;)

So its about to go up on those amazon shelves and I'm looking at this whole marketing thing and I am thinking....I cannot fake it. I can't. I cannot get up on Twitter and give you 140 character description of my 160k word book. I cannot do it. I won't do it. I *refuse*. And might I add, this is not to degrade anyone who can do it. More power to you. But I simply cannot.

Writing a 100-200 word back blurb was hard enough. So I am not going to try and sell you a copy of my book on twitter. It just will not happen. If I am up on twitter its because of a cute picture of my dog, a cupcake recipe, or great things in my garden. Maybe even something real sexy once in a while. Or some lovely words from Thomas Snow. But it will not be to sell you my book. Kudos to those who can do it. But it won't be this kid.

I have never written for money.
Thank you if you buy it. Really, I do mean that. Like sincerely from the deepest, darkest parts of my mind. If you buy my book, thank you. I am a writer. I write books. I am not a marketing guru. And while self-promotion I guess is grand, all I did is write a book. I figure if the book is good enough, you will find it. You will read it. You will tell your friends about it. So in some ways, I am trusting you dear readers...I am not going to shove my book down your throat. You could thank me with coffee so I can get onto writing book two.... ;)

I am here. I am present. But I am also incredibly introverted. And honestly, I like me that way. However, if and when the time comes that you demand my presence - or shit, just send me an email - I will be there in return. Honest and complete me.

I am Ms. Samuels. I write books for you. I'm here to entertain you. Nothing more, nothing less.
Enjoy the ride!

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