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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


OK, she's like almost done.
Standing at 160k words of pleasure, pain, and cake.
And I have a cover... but I'm not sharing yet!

I'll be sharing a few tidbits here and there soon.
Get ready to pick your team and prepare for the ride.

Not quite at popping champagne but I'm damn giddy let me tell ya.
So forgive my wild screams of elation. I hope you like it. It was all for *you*.
You. And you. And you too. ;)


And now, I'm reverting to my insane hermit house for number deux.

Breaking All the Rules

It's four am.
I am up plotting my second novel in the Juliet series.
And it occurred to me recently how many rules I broke in the first one. I am not talking technical errors or grammar mistakes - though I am sure I made plenty of those.

I have recently expressed my love of everyone regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion via Twitter. And in my head it goes without saying that my writing expresses that mentality but I realized something, you aren't in my head. I have covered the gamut of relationships in the first book Juliet and I intend on staying that way.

This is my pledge to you.
What does this mean? Perhaps nothing depending on who you are.
And perhaps its completely relevant. The world isn't all heterosexual white Christian people. Not to offend those who are, but that is the truth. And so much of the erotica written today is categorically built for them. I am going to challenge it. May sound like a puny little bandwagon to jump on, or hump on, but I am going to.

Because its really fucking important to me that the little old Granny in her robe gets off, as well as the gay boys, and the white girl that exclusively dates black men, and the Jewish guy dating the Buddhist chic. I think everyone - all people - need to be loving more and hating less. And sometimes ya, I am going to get it wrong. But my intent is always sincere, always pure this I assure you.

And I am so certain this is going to get a backlash, and honestly, I don't fucking care.
I'm trailblazing here. Orgasms for all. Equally. Period.

with love to all,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Concert: Arctic Monkeys

I was not a huge AM fan before this concert...I really wasn't.
But something odd happened that night amidst that wavy AM-gonna-give-me-a-seizure-light.
When "505" started...
And I got to say...I have to say this and heaven forgive me... when the women in the crowd went wild over Alex Turner turned up this insane amount of sexual energy - it was simply amazing. This dance between him and them. It was sort of like he was passionately fucking every screaming woman there, probably a few guys were screaming too. I was just enthralled by the whole of it all. I mean I have seen people scream. I am not a newb. But this was epic. We are not talking teenage groupie girls going mad here, we are talking every imaginable age, race, pretty, freaky - it didn't matter. And frankly, it was fucking awesome.
The experience alone was enough to write a book on...

Light, love, and AM.... "seven hour flights...."

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Writes

The challenge was presented by the Muses.
Write something different, leave your dragons and fire balls.
Okay, cool.
Wait, WTF?

What I didn't expect was the vast amount of learning that would occur during the course of writing in another genre. And while I cannot wait to get back to my "home", I must say I have enjoyed the visit. I miss the freedom which occurs within the SF&F realms, I can do anything there. Swirl, spin, and dance. Breathe.

So, I put myself in a box. Forced myself to sit down and write an erotic piece. With humans. Humans who when they piss me off I cannot just off. Sure, I can get them off but I cannot blow them up. And honestly, that sucks. But, I am enjoying the break.

We'll see what happens with it.
I'm neither sure or hopeful, mostly because it was a great study tool for me as a writer and it expanded me in every possible direction I could imagine. From working on character sketches to really looking at the whole experience as a reader in a different light. So if it does nothing but sit and collect dust, I am totally fine with that because its lesson was worth its weight in gold.

I devour through romance and erotica. I have never been a huge SF&F reader. I adore writing it though. And now, even though I probably should be reading more SF&F, I fear the skew so I steer clear of it with one small exception.

And some days, you just wake up with that idea which then of course haunts you for days until you finally decide to put something down on paper.  Sometimes those translations of dreams or ideas turn out wonderful and sometimes they are shit. Windshield & Bug.

Little thoughts from my head.
<3 k

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Concert: Monument Tour (FOB, Paramore, New Politics)

I didn't go.

Because you see, Paramore cancelled as Hayley Williams was sick.
Because it was raining like a beast at an outdoor venue.
And while FOB and NP are okay, I would not stand in the rain to see them.

However, for a shot of Paramore I would stand in the driving rain, sleet, or fucking blizzard.
Its just that good.

Love & Light,
k <3

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Concert: Tori Amos

A long time Tori Amos fan, since her debut single on cassette "Silent All These Years", we have seen her so many times live I cannot even count. That said, there is something to be said to Ms. Amos and her catalog of work now at fifty.

On the Unrepentant Geraldines Tour, she was once again alone - just her and her Bosendorfer. With a great focus on water songs - perhaps in the transient nature of our time and age, the acceptance and growth for which every one experiences - her set list could not have been better. Opening with "Parasol" to ending with the classic "Hey Jupiter", with highlights "Snow Cherries From France", "Tear In Your Hand" and "Take to the Sky" - a wonderful, thumping rendition which left the audience begging for more.

I will say a note about the venue The Winspear Opera House. I had never been there. Wow! Its gorgeous with incredible acoustics! And I really cannot recommend it enough if you have an opportunity to attend a concert there, you should.

That said, the crowd was for the most part quite passive even for a Tori show. A lot of the younger crowd didn't even seem to know some of her older work which with Tori especially is really a staple in her being. You had to know her anger in the 90's, her heartache through Choirgirl Hotel, her journey with Scarlet's Walk to truly appreciate the serene siren (and much at peace) she is today.

I remember (I am old) the days of the piano banging, gyrating, screaming "These Precious things let them bleed...." and watching her morph into the graceful butterfly she has become is rather reassuring. But in saying that I must say, the first half of the concert was a rather tame, subdued, older Tori and that is completely to be expected. What I found problematic with it though was the rudeness which ran rampant through the crowd. When you go to a Tori show, if you aren't up dancing and screaming, you are sitting there quietly, hands in your lap, reflecting. Not shouting to your best friend about some bullshit. Not letting your children run around. Not getting up to start a fight causing even more disruption. But showing some respect, some measure of appropriate behavior for which this woman has fought and more than earned your respect. Otherwise, why bother going?

And that was the question which still today lingers on. Why were all of those people there? Because a good handful around us were not there to take in the drug for which Tori feeds us. This leads me to wanting to scream, "People just fucking behave! Get out! Or behave!" One or the other, but do not make me - a longtime member of this church of Tori sit through your bullshit - it was sacrilege.

Tori was beautiful. Her daughter is as well.
The show was splendor, pure bliss.
Again, these people. These crowds. Just as bad as Pink. Different though, far more disruptive.
Probably needed the "hands-in-the-lap" crowd from Pink at Tori and vice versa.

k <3

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Concert: J+B OTR

With as much press as the Beyonce and Jay Z "On the Run" tour has received going into it there was a lot of expectations. We heard rumors of a 40+ set list, multiple costume changes, and a show to leave you in awe. And they delivered point for point in this heavily choreographed show to end all shows. The concert was to begin at 8. There was no warm-up act and they did not take the stage until 9:10 and didn't stop until about 11:45. The film which played on between their songs was a crisp, refreshing tie into their lives, their music.

With my longtime love of Beyonce (with Destiny's Child and solo career), I have adored her rump shaking, lyrical prose journey from "Say My Name" to "Flawless". For me, nothing gets me working it out - physically or emotionally than a good beat - J-Lo, Shakira, Nicki Minaj and Queen B. With the brilliant work from her last album, hearing her with Jay Z led me to his "Magna Carta...Holy Grail" album.  I'll be the first to admit - this little white girl has never been to see a black rapper such as Jay Z. I am a recent fan of his work, I will not lie. But I am no stranger to rap, I have loved Eminem since he began, Drake, and you will even find Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye by my Katy Perry and JT. However, to have seen him on such a grand and magnificent scale such as this show put him far and ahead of the average concert. It was a spiritual, cathartic experience which left me in tears.

But the crowd - and we cannot discuss this concert without discussing the crowd which was just as impressive as the show. A diverse bunch, probably one of the most diverse I have ever seen, full of acceptance and respect. From gay couples to mixed couples to May-December romances, there was love abound everywhere you looked. Aside from all of that - and forgive my caps here - THIS WAS THE BEST BEHAVED, BEST SMELLING AUDIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO BE AROUND. People danced, sang, cried, chanted on at all the appropriate times. And if you were there that warm night in July, thank you for being you. For being present and keeping it all very real.

Love & Light,
k <3

Thursday, June 26, 2014


There is something fantastic about thinking about lessons learned in Orson Scott Card's SF&F book and listening to the Scissor Sisters 2012 offering "Magic Hour" - all the while mopping.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bending Before Breaking

It has occured to me that I am not the kind of writer who can dish it out daily which is fine with me. I get a little (hehe, ya, "a little") neurotic during writing and maybe that's just me. Hell, half the time in writing-mode, I'm walking around talking to characters. 

So I was originally thinking 180k words but it's occured to me quite recently that it may end up being longer. And you know what? Really, seriously, do you know what?

It doesn't really matter. It's my picture and I'm painting it, and it will be done when it's done whether it's 120k or 440k. Ultimately, I have to be happy with it. If I had an amazingly huge audience and it wasn't right in my view, then I would have failed it. And I cannot do that. So I get one reader and a solid stack of papers in my view and well, I'm ok with that. 

This was never about anything other than spinning a tale.
If people love it or hate it, well, everyone has an ass. But I have to be responsible to one - mine. My ass. My story. It's all about the story. And my need to tell it. 

So I am embracing my silver threads and letting them lead me wherever they may path. For better or worse. And I will no longer beat myself up about fitting into someone else's box of what a word count should or shouldn't be. It will be as it will be.
So be it.
Peace be with you word count.
Ms. S

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Concerts: Edgefest 24

Well, its that time again. Summer is almost here and Frisco's Toyota Stadium is packed for one day at the end of April for this alternative music festival.

I was there last year. With the highlights of Awolnation and Paramore, last year was awesome.
This year was a more subdued gathering, a more roller coaster of highs and lows - or screaming to almost folksy type music. It was an odd clash. With an amazing amount of sitters and little dancing, plenty of pushing, groping and just an all around strange event.

We did have M&G passes, so for the better part of the day I got to sit in the shade at the bar (*grins*) as we went into meet various bands. I desperately wanted to meet Ms. Mr. I am a huge fan of their work but despite our running around the stadium, there M&G was essentially cancelled due to time constraints. Shit. Okay.

Ms. Mr. set was awesome with their cover of the Arctic Monkeys being the clear highlight, Lizzy and Max are mesmerizing to watch their musical chemistry unfold on a live stage and I for one, loved it.

We met Bastille which was awesome. And their set, at least for me, was the best of the day for the bigger, well-known bands. They have such passion behind their work and it is really evident live.

The day ended with Beck. And apologies, though I am with the whole Gen X troop, I am not nor do I doubt I ever will be a Beck fan. I know, heretic I am.

I had a great time, I did.
I spent the day with J and my boys.
Was last years concerts better? Ya. But I couldn't have asked for a better day with my peeps listening to some great live music.

Love & Light,
K <3

Thursday, January 16, 2014


The book sits half-done.
It's been half-done since before Christmas/Holidays/Donutmas/This-Is-Crazy Hit...no offense to anyone here, but it is. Crazy, I mean. Sure I was full of holiday cheer, but by the time it all winds down, the decorations put away (which I am still finding), the leftovers fed out to the chickens, and the gifts sorted out of festive room-dining room, January is HALF-OVER!!!!

Makes a girl think about whipping someone's ass good and red. I jest. Well, yes and no.

I know I am not alone in this. I know that there are legions of you who are of the January-Half-Over club, who are just now settling back into normalcy and getting back to work. Its never really affected me quite like it did this year though, after NaNoWriMo, I had such focus, I was driving it hardcore and am currently sitting at 96,087. 

Of course, now, over the holidays, to fuel the masochist in me - I decide to take a side project. Grrr. 
My mind. My brain. If I am not feeding it (working), then it goes into overdrive and I will end up with SIXTEEN (one for each day of January) "side" projects.

I thrive on chaos. The more the merrier. Great.
But mess with my ~schedule~ and of course, I will say it like a snooty woman, sche-DULE, and I get a little tiffy.
I have been tiffy for WEEKS. 
Until today. Today, I got some shit done.
Today, chaos reigns supreme.
About fucking time.

It has been said in many a blog that people want to know how others write. I am here to give you the down and dirty real of it all. I am not going to give any tips or tricks to anyone. I am fucking psychotic when I am working - screaming, crying, laughing - I am like the friggin Joker on steroids. What I am going to give you is the truth of how I am getting from zero words to (ahem, clears throat) "should come in at" somewhere over 180k. Between diapers and dog pads, car wrecks and birthday cakes. No REAL list of advice here just my take on how I got from there to here. Hopefully, you laugh. Or at least cackle. Maybe a smirk. A finger tap?

Anywho, I am out for the night. Ya, all us vampires say that. 
We never mean it. I'll be up working at 3:34 am.

Love & Light.

Music: Beyonce

Okay, okay...I am a few weeks behind. Last night John purchased me Beyonce's Visuals album while in the Chinese take-out drive-thru line, is that right? I mean really, take-out and drive-thru, but yes, that's what it is. Which was awesome by the way! Much like Beyonce's new endeavor.

Let me first say, I haven't watched the videos yet.
But I intend to.
With so much shit in the media about young girls starving themselves to be a size 0, to be this or that sexually, it seems to me that Mrs. Carter has completely nailed what empowering women truly means. While the light on women's sexuality has long flickered, with the help of many sirens from Madonna to Britney, Mrs. C brings it to a whole nother level of amazing.

Owning it doesn't even seem to do it justice. But she does, time and time again. From the opening song until the very last note she pounds it - without being contrived - of what her being Beyonce, her own woman, means. She is going to say it truthfully, loud, proud, and honestly.

I must digress that last night's Chinese food was followed by a movie, "Thanks for Sharing." While it wasn't awesome, not like last week's "Don Jon" which was just so good, so thought-provoking I am still feeling it's reverberations. Both films at their heart concern sex addictions, and each one went at the subject from a different angle. I know there is such a thing. I got that. But where is that line?

We continually are questioning what is normal? And when is my normal not normal?

I think it all comes back down to knowing oneself. If what your doing isn't making you feel your best, your most complete, then perhaps other issues are at work. But just because you cannot eat apples doesn't mean your neighbor cannot eat the entire tree. And I think when we are looking to these films, music, and books that must be remembered. Everyone is unique, every circumstance different.

So this morning, my girl Beyonce and me, we are making the bed pondering my new endeavor I am about to go frame out on Scrivener, and I am thinking to myself - somewhere between "oh my fuck, maybe I am a sex addict" and "damn I really am happy." And it was this album, this little morsel of sweet goodness which forced me to take a step back and think what's right for me. I am resoundingly happy, content, blessed and full of light - ya, I happen to travel the shades of gray and kink, but so the fuck what?

Everyone is addicted to something I think.
It's all a matter if you can live with it or not.
I'll keep the collars, thanks.
And thanks Mrs. Carter for keeping the truth continuing on...
Light &Love,