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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Initiation is FREE

đź’‹Free Book Promođź’‹
Kailee Reese Samuels

One submissive alpha.
Thirteen Dominants.
One weekend that will change him forever.

Ms. Samuels

Come have coffee, tea, or wine with me!


Saturday, September 19, 2015


There are fireworks going off in the back 400 acres as I type this to you, so if I random out a "fuck" you know why...

I've been changing a lot of things lately.
Website. Covers. Platforms.
Figuring out where I want to be and how I want to represent myself. This is a lot to think about. Remember, the writing part is easy. The publishing/marketing/networking thing...it's an epic mob.

Not that I am complaining, actually far from it.
I'm having a good old time. I am perhaps the most chill newb author ever, never in any hurry or push for reviews. And I'm still not in any hurry, this is *NOT* my call-to-action. 

I figure what is going to happen will happen.
And I'd rather it happen organically than artificially. 

A lot of people - well, a lot to me - have expressed some concerns about Juliet being a series, then scenes from Juliet being a series within the series. And I know what the fear as a reader is...I got your backs. I got it. Readers are terrified of rejection, really as much as authors. They are afraid of falling in love with - a world, a boyfriend, a time - in which they can call their own and it being snuffed out because the author refuses to be their dealer.

Fat chance.

I'm here for the long-haul. Unless I, you know, perish in flames.
I am here to tell the story. You might like it, you might not. And that is okay. But don't be afraid to walk with me because you think I'll run off. Remember, I'm chill.

I don't frighten easily unless you're a snake or a clown.

And for heaven's sake, if there is something you need more of on this journey we are taking together...tell me. Say, yo Kailee, we need more of Sal's ass...ya, right. There's enough of that, lol.

Communicate with me. I won't bite. I also won't change the way I write so if you plan on sending me your four-page long diatribe on why my book sucks, I'm sorry. But if you need more ass, I'm your girl.

I've got you, babe.

I'll trust you. 
You trust me.

I'm writing this series to the end, regardless if it sells.
I have to - I made a promise - to Sal and Iris.

And now I'll make one to you.

Love & lights out my backdoor *kaboom* (FUCK!)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Three-Dollar Money Shots

I am a writer.
I am also a voracious reader.

I am sick and tired of fake reviews people. I am not sure what lollypop land some readers are living in, but...just wow. How can people possibly give 5-stars to something so utterly terrible? I mean seriously. I am not handing out author names or book titles. No. Don't ask.

I have been writing my entire life. In the past year, I decided to put my words out there. And you know what? I have had a lot of downloads, a handful of purchases, and zero reviews. Ask me if this changes anything...

No. I have been writing for years. Reviews or not is not going to change whether I write.
Do you know why?

I am a writer. I love words. I love crafting a story. I love spinning a web and quilting it all together piece-by-piece. I am into it. Reviews be damned. Would I like some? Sure, who wouldn't? Is it going to stop me from writing? Absofuckinglutely not.

My problem is this...not everyone putting books on your local e-retailer shelves is a writer. Some of them just want to make a quick dollah. Ya, dollah. And by getting their family member/friend/co-worker to post the 5-star review, we unknowingly purchase said book expecting it to be good....until WHAMO! What the fuck? Hello. This isn't a story. It's scribble. Hardly legible.

I'm not talking about poor formatting here people. I'm talking bad. I'm talking my reading time in which I could have been reading good writers like - oh wtf let's namedrop some AWESOME writers I have been reading of late - Jade West or Jason Luke or Jasinda Wilder or Lucian Bane - was stolen from me! Taken my time like a thief!

Because I trusted those fake reviews.
I am not happy. Not in the least.

And do you know what? All of you readers and writers - should be pissed off too.

I write because I love it. I write for me.
It's not about the dollah bill.
Or the reviews.

What the hell is this 10-minute book for $2.99 anyway?
That is utterly ridiculous people. I have some $2.99 books and they are EACH over 100 pages.

And while I am on my bitch session:

No, I will NOT exchange a 5-star review of your book for a your 5-star of mine. FU.
No, I will NOT purchase your review of my book. FU2.

I realize my complaining will not stop any of this. For all of the good in this market, there is an equal amount of slime.

What can I say?
I can tell you every time this girl reviews something, it is honest and heartfelt - be it written or product. I do not tout what I do not love. And if I cannot say something nice, I won't say anything at all. Because I have integrity and believe in karma.

I don't expect everyone to like my books. And I don't expect to love every book I pick up as a reader. But I expect more than 10-minutes of faked 5-star fluff. As a reader, I expect you to at least try. As a writer, if you are going to write the 10-minute for $2.99 jerk-off book then it best be at least tissue worthy...and not for my tears.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Rare & Elusive Alphamale Submissive....

I'm just gonna let it rip...

I like a good strong man. I do. I am into the chivalry, open my door, hand on my back, and a "Yes, Ma'am" has many a time caused a physical reaction in me.

Let's strip this fucker down. We have men - all men - from average normal hetero guy who does the football and beer, to the business to the transguys who rebuild engines and gayboys who flaunt it better than me. (We'll delve further into that in another post.)

I love guys. All guys. Adore the gayboys. Seriously. Adore. I like big guys with muscles. I like poony little nerds. I love the male species in all of its forms.

Women...meh...depends. The girls bathroom is the worlds most dangerous place. As far as the physiology of women, I love looking at beautiful women. A good rack, a nice ass, I am not oblivious. Hell, great lips. Or maybe a sparkling personality. But its more difficult for me to communicate with women. It's competitive as hell over here. And because of that, I find men fascinating.

Today, the thought is all about the "Dominant male". Well, hello. That's good, ya. Okay.
But there is something even better for some of us. And that is the almost extinct species of alphamale sub.

Because they possess all the great qualities of a real man without being afraid to admit they like being tied up.

You'll rarely hear about them, hardly ever see them. Why? Because  they are eclipsed within the shadows of their own masculinity. But I assure you, they do exist.

I always knew when I started writing Juliet, I would have an incredibly sexy, strong male who wouldn't be afraid to show his pain, his hurt, his darkside. Salvatore Raniero has served me well. As far as my characters go, he is without a doubt my favorite. But he's also the most complicated.

I have raised three sons. I have some measure of what it takes to raise a good man. A strong man. And I can assure you it is not easy especially with some women running around, knocking them down, and putting an agenda up in their faces. My older two have more than once been chastised or scrutinized for their overly male social skill. By that, I mean they open the fucking doors. And you know what, there is nothing wrong with it. There is also nothing wrong with it - if I want to open the door - but to rake the entire species over the flaming coals because they did something kind....well, it's no wonder all the good men have gone into hiding. Remember, the bathrooms girls - can be scathing, bitter, and evil.

In my personal life, I've taken on both roles of top and bottom. I have a preference, which isn't important in this conversation, but suffice it to say I understand the kind of willpower it takes to sometimes bend or kneel when your head may not be in it. I have an amazing respect for those alphamales who kneel.

Every time they kneel, it goes against their grain. An inner conflict to be the lead and still surrender to another. That little bit is what makes them so appealing. Not only is their behavior unexpected, it is also not done without thought. Highly perceptive, currently assessing situations, whether to swoop the girl out of harms way and take the punishment later or to do as they are told. Standard practicum of submissive would dictate to always submit to another, but alphas don't always do that. No...and that makes them hella fun to be around.

To encourage more of them to appear, it would take an act of a lot of strong women. Women who know that just because a man may happen to step ahead of her - for safety sake, it does not mean she's less than. We have to stop devaluing ourselves not only in terms of body image, or worth, but in terms raising up to meet the bar. We have to stop holding the grudge. Much like I believe is true in many issues within our society. Looking at the history is good for teaching, but if you keep looking backwards - you cannot effectively move forward. Personally, I don't really want to power-up if it means stepping on someone. That's not growth, that's a boost. And I'd prefer to stand on my own two feet.

What happens to alphamale subs as they mature? Well, that's another book. But for now, I think we should all be relishing in the beautiful chaos that they possess during their growth.

And if you haven't had one, you should. And do everything you can as a woman or man, to foster the growth necessary to allow people to blossom including men who want to be men and don't mind carrying us around on a pedestal. Ahh, the wonders of the alphamale submissive.
Until then, I am going to be their cheerleader.

XO - Ms. Samuels

Friday, July 10, 2015

Redefining the Genre

As a relatively new author, I've been doing a lot of research on platform building, social networking, and the like. In addition to self-publishing three works this year so far, with all of that I've done some thinking, and it seems the BDSM genre has shifted.

What are you talking about Ms. Samuels?!?

Simply this - because of certain novels being touted as BDSM - the real BDSM has shifted to the newer classifications of "Dark Erotica" or even "Horror Erotica" and I am sure there are a dozen others as well. Today, BDSM has become the catch phrase. Today, if you have a pair of handcuffs or a paddle, the book is instantly categorized as BDSM. But as a reader, I am here to tell you - a pair of handcuffs does not make a BDSM novel.

Back in the day that was just a kink.

BDSM explored something darker, more mysterious, more French-door-closing-girl-you-are-fucked kind of trouble. There was as much psychological build-up in the prose as there was in the actual choreographing of the scene. The mindfuck was real. And we, as readers fell down into those dungeons time and again because of that element. Our minds are the greatest sex toy we have and they seem to be frequently forgotten about.

When I look back to all the great works from 1990 to early 2000's such as "Doc and Fluff", "The Marketplace" series, even the "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy, the world viewed those and the books that came before them differently. Not because they became cult-like, but because there was truth in the act. When Carrie in "Safe Word" is crawling around with the cane between her teeth - the reader felt it - they were there, completely present in the room with Jonathan and Carrie.

Now, I also understand that all the world wants to get off. I got it. I know sex sells. But at some point, the words matter, the art matters, the act matters. The diluting of what was a sacred tradition among a group of like-minded individuals is drowning in the sea of BDSM novels that are indeed not BDSM novels.

What is a girl to do?

Well, in an effort to not get lumped into the "handcuff" crowd, I have very hastily relabeled all of my work to include the "Dark Erotica" tag. The simple fact is I want readers who want to read what I write. If you aren't into the midnight in the chateau kind of thing, I don't want to put you through my book. It could scar you, send you spiraling off a trigger. And honestly, it's not worth it to me.

Ultimately, I write for me. I write the kind of book I want to read. If I tout it as BDSM today - well that in itself opens the umbrella free-for-all from those aforementioned handcuffs to gangbangs to menage to all kinds of fascinating other-worldly creature sex. I should mention, I do not have that. Sal is a human. At least, for now.

I am not asking for change, nor am I going to lead the band to bring the change. All I can do is roll with it. There are a good number of BDSM novels out there, and finding them is sometimes a challenge. There are true storytellers who still embrace the idea of the mind, the build-up, the fear, and the excitement that comes when the flogger wisps against the flesh and the lips caress a shoulder. The tremble, the terror, the release, and the euphoria.

I implore you, Dear Reader, to demand more. Demand better.

With the recent changes to the *cough* KDP system a vast number of erotica authors pulled-out, no pun intended. Now, they have all swarmed Smashwords like it's the latest hive of honey. I make no notion of judging those authors or their books. I'm saddened by some who left, there was a fair amount of talented writers who bolted. Though I understand why they did leave. But I also understand Amazon wanting to whittle out some of the crap, for which there is plenty in this market. The bad part is that those few bad bananas were spoiling the whole bunch.

So, now we must go in search of those authors who were genuine in their words and masters within the story they told. And, I have no fear that we  readers will continue to follow those authors whom we adore.

Find true BDSM and its subcategories with all those shadowy hues and spread the words, spread the love. Share your experiences. So that maybe we can begin to re-establish what it means to write erotic literature.

And remember, it's more than just handcuffs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TI is FREE for the next FIVE!

The Initiation is FREE from Wednesday June 17 thru Sunday June 21.
Please, please...go get a copy. Read it once. And then go read those naughty bits time and again!

Let go and enjoy the ride!
XO - kailee
Here's a little link for you:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Holding it up...

“Without a Master, there is no love for me.”

Those words belong to one Cassidy “Cas” Dawn Hope, one of the many supporting characters in Juliet. This week I wanted to give you a more personal glimpse into them and why I feel they are so integral to the story.

I know it may seem odd to talk about the main characters, Iris and Sal  first as I have in the previous two weeks. Why not wait and build up suspense to them? Because the simple truth for me is the heart of Juliet is just as much about the supporting roles as the mains.

When I began drafting Juliet, I knew that there would be supporting characters as well as those even lesser known extras sprinkled in, what surprised me so was not only the quantity of them that showed up to the party but also the stories they had to tell. Before I knew it, they were all vying for a coveted spot on the page.

Because of that driving need I have to watch those supporting characters stories come alive, I decided about half way through Juliet that it would be a collection, a series of books all with the same characters. The books would all relate back to Iris and Sal but with the additional tales of the supporting cast thrown in. Of course, in some ways this graduates them to also holding somewhat of a main character role.

It is my hope that I have chosen to focus on those supporting characters which you Dear Reader, also have found most intriguing. However, I am always open to hearing your pleas for whose story you want to hear.  

In addition to Iris and Sal in Juliet, I also focus quite a bit on Anna, Mierne, Serene, and Jack. I adore the scenes with Anna and Sal, they have truly warmed my heart. In part, because it goes against the norm and it is a point of controversy. But I think the relationship is worth examining, and I am brazen enough to do it. People are people, love is love. And never has that been truer than in the story of Sal and Anna. I love going against the grain, questioning what is possible, and you can come to expect that from me. There is no relationship dynamic I won’t examine. In that department, I am fearless because I do this for you. If I can make someone think or feel something in my art of writing, then my dream is complete. To examine diverse relationships, to understand that not everything is black, white, or even gray. Thinking outside of the box of what is comfortable. And it just so happens that my platform in doing this is in writing erotic fiction with themes of BDSM.

That said though, I hate being pidgeon-holed into a “genre”. Yes, it’s erotica. Yes, it’s BDSM. But there is also some mystery, suspense, thrill, and romance. So while I do have to tag it a certain way, I do not like it because it’s more than smut. And while I am on my soapbox, I’ll also say I do not have a set word count. I can promise you, I will give you your money’s worth to entertain you for X-amount of hours. My books – even the short story “Scenes” are over 30k. And I could almost guarantee every book will come in over 100k words. Long-winded? Maybe. But the one thing I hate as a reader, is not feeling like I had enough time with the characters. I personally enjoy settling into a long book, getting to know those I’m reading about. If you don’t like it long, don’t buy my book. But please, don’t ask me to shorten them because I can’t.

Being self-published has also given me the freedom to publish when I want without deadlines looming. I am not going to paint a picture for you in X-amount of time just to get it out to you to make a buck. It’s done when it’s done in my mind. And I will hit the publish button when I feel I am done crafting a tale that I think you will enjoy. I am working on the second book (it’s about a third complete) - which in my mind will always be the first book as Juliet is the precursor to the series, essentially making it book zero – being done by the fall 2015. But real life happens, shit falls apart, and delays do occur. But sometimes, things go right. And it may came in a flood and be out early. And for that reason alone, I cannot give you a set release date. The story comes in a series of flashes, and many times I do not even know what’s going to happen. So I apologize for my lack of release dates, but I assure you, unless I go on a far-off journey aka, “death”, there will be more books with these characters because I simply love them.

Some of my favorite parts of Juliet are all of the “girl crew” scenes with Iris, Cas, Nina, Zoe, and Jessica. There is such strife between women, even in the closest of friendships and I wanted to take a look at that. I think the women’s bathroom is quite literally one of the most dangerous places in the world. We are not bro’s or homies or even sisters, most times we are arch rivals and bitter enemies, and I think the lack of support amongst women is a serious problem. We do not generally bond together the same way in which males do and to put that undercurrent of tension between them was an important facet of Iris’ story. She had never experienced having “girlfriends” before as Peyton was her only friend. And yes, Peyton is gay. And before you ask,  I am working on the Peyton and Kyle short story. Mostly because I want to challenge myself to write their story  and pray I do it justice.

Sal is an ass at times, I know. He’s supposed to be. It’s part of his growth arch which is fundamental to making him who he is. And as we delve further into his personal story, I think much of his behavior will be explained. Iris on the other hand is chaotic. Sometimes she has a fragility about her and then when you least expect it she has the biggest balls in the room. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have loved writing them.

So when will it be out? I am putting finishing touches on The Initiation, Scenes from Juliet now and they could release any day now. And then you can find both Juliet and The Initiation at various online markets.

I realize this post was a bit scatterbrained, but I wanted to provide you with some insight into the supporting roles as well as some of my thoughts on writing. Thank you for taking the time to read me.

With love & light.
Enjoy the ride,


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Greetings, Sal

His ink swirling around his body, over chiseled arms, swirling down his taut belly, coming up from his bare feet. Whiskey and cigarettes. And a pain tolerance that has no bounds. Sal Raniero is the golden boy submissive of Juliet and primed to become a Master.


Much like the strong personality characteristics Salvatore has in Juliet, he is much the same way in my head. He arrived in 2012 in another story with little notice by me. And as I continued working on that original tale, he began to evolve and it became clear to me that he could anchor main character a role.

The thing about Sal that surprised me most was that he had the heart to match his good looks. He knows he isn’t perfect but where he does shine is in his abilities to read people. He knows when to turn on his bad boy persona and when to take a step back to the real him. I think by the end of Juliet you start to get a real feeling of who he is as a man, but also see his weaknesses.

I have tried to keep him authentic and grounded as possible. He is stubborn not only on paper but in my head. He doesn’t ramble about in my head but rather comes up with the quips that make me look like one of those insane writers who is typing away laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time.

I have a fondness for him which while I could easily attribute to his physique, it is more than that. He is an incredibly, sometimes brutally honest guy and I respect him for it. Still, there are days when I have loathed spending time with him because sometimes his loud mouth gets in the way of his heart.

What I will share with you is that while Iris may have pushed me to write the story, it was Sal who stood ever vigilant at the door making sure I didn’t run off. He is the one who scolds me when I’ve spent one too many days away from the box he lives in.

 I think it’s important to remember that Juliet isn’t just about Iris’ story. It’s just as much Sal’s story. As well as a very full cast of colorful characters who I have tried to make memorable. Some of those supporting characters will be given their due time as I delve into their stories.

I think what Sal, in particular, has taught me more than any other character is in web-spinning. Connecting those little intricate threads through subtle strokes as opposed finger paint splatter. There is a time and place for those massive swells of generous color, but a lot can be said with sometimes the finer brush strokes. And sometimes following the finite lines lead to even bigger pictures than the globs of goo. I’m not completely sure that made sense on paper, but it does in my head.

Another very important thing Sal gave me was in body language. His big personality and his movements gave me many a struggle. Again, I’ve tried to give him to you as honestly as I could and I think that the totality of Salvatore will translate to the reader just as bright a character as Iris. I don’t think he wants her standing in his shadow or even necessarily with her as a pretty princess on a pedestal. They are equals through and through despite the different obstacles each is encountering on their journey.

I love Sal as much as I love Iris. Possibly even more because without him standing in that door, Iris would have never been heard. He made Iris’ voice possible and for that I am eternally grateful to him.

Love & Light
Enjoy the ride!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hello, Iris

Vanilla Cake with Buttercream Frosting.
With fruit even better.
Iris Kettles’ affinity for sugar knows no bounds.
 Couple that fork with a good read and she ’s content.
And when her life is turned upside down, she discovers a whole new addiction in her submission.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like Iris at first. Even though, I created her. Typically, when I am in write-mode, the story develops first and then the characters come to the party. Iris was too quiet. I certainly wouldn’t want to sit by her, she’s no fun, so why would you dear reader?

The girl who gets intimidated by everyone and delves into books and food so she doesn’t have to get to know herself. The untypical main character, a pudgy-little half-breed academic. So not the character erotic writing typically has. So why would I want to get to know her? Isn’t me Kailee getting to know her just asking for the bad jokes to come rolling in? Who writes erotica with a girl like Iris leading the novel?

So we, she and I, are up at all hours. Arguing. About what her story is and isn’t. And then she kindly informs me that she isn’t done. I look at her as she’s eating her chocolate mousse and ask, “What did you say?”

And then it hit me what she was telling me. And what I was reading in countless forums. You beautiful readers fall in love with characters. You want their ups and downs, highs and lows. Heart-breaking and falling. And then I thought about myself and the books that truly resonated with me, I was left wanting more of the characters.

I questioned my motives. I did. I fought with myself over Iris. Her addictions, her hips, her heritage, her everything. We fought and we fought hard. Then Iris told me something. It’s more than erotica. And me being me, I argued with her some more. And I’m still not sure it’s erotica, but we’ll go with it for argument sake. Perhaps even better, we’ll go with epic erotica. Or, epirotica.

I gave Iris a chance. Typically, this was the kind of character that I would have just cut. She would have hit the delete button, the shredder, and been long gone and forgotten. But there was something about her that just seemed so sincere, so kind, the girl you don’t think you want on your team, but you really do. So I took a step back, got to know her, and kept writing. I figured either she’d work her way out of my head or end up dead. Just being honest.

Writers play with characters the way children do dolls. Sometimes they have tea parties, sometimes they fight, and sometimes they rip each other’s clothes off just because we writers - as their owners - can. We like to push the boundaries, see what we can get away with. But Iris pushed me. She pushed me to keep writing her story because she believed that amongst her stories and sweet peach tea, she was valid.

Now, I honestly don’t mind her so much anymore. I’m proud to call her my friend. She’s the kind of girl you could have cake with, share your life with, and if she disagrees with you on letting her hit the shredder, she’ll tell you about it. So, Thanks, Iris, for telling me about it. For saying, “Bitch, you push that DEL key and I promise you’ll regret it.”

So I did what anyone else would have done, I took her to hell and back. And every single time, she came back stronger. I was shocked really. I figured she’d mouse out eventually. But she didn’t, she’s smart, tough, and fights for what she wants. Even to remain on the page, she fought me.

In a way, Iris changed me for the better. She shared her life with me, and now I’m giving her to you. I hope you love her as much as I do.

I’ll introduce Sal next Tuesday.
Thank you for your time.

Enjoy the ride,
Ms. Samuels



Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Angels

It's snowing. Like a lot. Well, for us anyway. Typically we only get ice which is more of a nightmare than beauty.

I've been kind of kicked back late. Maybe the calm before the storm. Real life comes into play on occasion, surgeries happen, healing takes time. But every time I stop and reflect back on my work I'm reminded of the blessings in my own life.

Not every moment needs to be a heated, passionate against the wall statement. Sometimes the tenderest of moments come in the understated ones - the ones we are less likely to remember. Where  you haven't held your love's hand in a week, the gentle caress and touch of sweetness. Don't get me wrong I love full throttle hot fucking. But sometimes the simplest gets my heart like no other.

Much like this snow is getting us today. I don't mind Valentines so much but the preconceived notions of romance swirling around it are sometimes ill-fated and I'm a realist. Sometimes after the wedding, the reception, the honeymoon night is just not there. And that's ok.

Just like this snow. It's ok too.
I'm embracing it for what it is. 
And sometimes that's all you can do.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chocolate, Wine, and Twitter

So the book is almost done. The cover is almost done. The last few sweeps of the pen are going through the book. And we are out...

Editing done. Book published. Done. Check.

Let me give you a little secret, writing is the easy part.
All of this crap that comes afterwards is just that.... crap.

Editing while fun in the beginning because you actually have something to work with eventually turns into something akin to regurgitating cupcake puke, again and again and yes, again. So while yeah! its great you write the book... the hard part comes post-writing.

This is why I write with coffee and edit with wine.... it makes everything much easier. ;)

So its about to go up on those amazon shelves and I'm looking at this whole marketing thing and I am thinking....I cannot fake it. I can't. I cannot get up on Twitter and give you 140 character description of my 160k word book. I cannot do it. I won't do it. I *refuse*. And might I add, this is not to degrade anyone who can do it. More power to you. But I simply cannot.

Writing a 100-200 word back blurb was hard enough. So I am not going to try and sell you a copy of my book on twitter. It just will not happen. If I am up on twitter its because of a cute picture of my dog, a cupcake recipe, or great things in my garden. Maybe even something real sexy once in a while. Or some lovely words from Thomas Snow. But it will not be to sell you my book. Kudos to those who can do it. But it won't be this kid.

I have never written for money.
Thank you if you buy it. Really, I do mean that. Like sincerely from the deepest, darkest parts of my mind. If you buy my book, thank you. I am a writer. I write books. I am not a marketing guru. And while self-promotion I guess is grand, all I did is write a book. I figure if the book is good enough, you will find it. You will read it. You will tell your friends about it. So in some ways, I am trusting you dear readers...I am not going to shove my book down your throat. You could thank me with coffee so I can get onto writing book two.... ;)

I am here. I am present. But I am also incredibly introverted. And honestly, I like me that way. However, if and when the time comes that you demand my presence - or shit, just send me an email - I will be there in return. Honest and complete me.

I am Ms. Samuels. I write books for you. I'm here to entertain you. Nothing more, nothing less.
Enjoy the ride!