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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Greetings, Sal

His ink swirling around his body, over chiseled arms, swirling down his taut belly, coming up from his bare feet. Whiskey and cigarettes. And a pain tolerance that has no bounds. Sal Raniero is the golden boy submissive of Juliet and primed to become a Master.


Much like the strong personality characteristics Salvatore has in Juliet, he is much the same way in my head. He arrived in 2012 in another story with little notice by me. And as I continued working on that original tale, he began to evolve and it became clear to me that he could anchor main character a role.

The thing about Sal that surprised me most was that he had the heart to match his good looks. He knows he isn’t perfect but where he does shine is in his abilities to read people. He knows when to turn on his bad boy persona and when to take a step back to the real him. I think by the end of Juliet you start to get a real feeling of who he is as a man, but also see his weaknesses.

I have tried to keep him authentic and grounded as possible. He is stubborn not only on paper but in my head. He doesn’t ramble about in my head but rather comes up with the quips that make me look like one of those insane writers who is typing away laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time.

I have a fondness for him which while I could easily attribute to his physique, it is more than that. He is an incredibly, sometimes brutally honest guy and I respect him for it. Still, there are days when I have loathed spending time with him because sometimes his loud mouth gets in the way of his heart.

What I will share with you is that while Iris may have pushed me to write the story, it was Sal who stood ever vigilant at the door making sure I didn’t run off. He is the one who scolds me when I’ve spent one too many days away from the box he lives in.

 I think it’s important to remember that Juliet isn’t just about Iris’ story. It’s just as much Sal’s story. As well as a very full cast of colorful characters who I have tried to make memorable. Some of those supporting characters will be given their due time as I delve into their stories.

I think what Sal, in particular, has taught me more than any other character is in web-spinning. Connecting those little intricate threads through subtle strokes as opposed finger paint splatter. There is a time and place for those massive swells of generous color, but a lot can be said with sometimes the finer brush strokes. And sometimes following the finite lines lead to even bigger pictures than the globs of goo. I’m not completely sure that made sense on paper, but it does in my head.

Another very important thing Sal gave me was in body language. His big personality and his movements gave me many a struggle. Again, I’ve tried to give him to you as honestly as I could and I think that the totality of Salvatore will translate to the reader just as bright a character as Iris. I don’t think he wants her standing in his shadow or even necessarily with her as a pretty princess on a pedestal. They are equals through and through despite the different obstacles each is encountering on their journey.

I love Sal as much as I love Iris. Possibly even more because without him standing in that door, Iris would have never been heard. He made Iris’ voice possible and for that I am eternally grateful to him.

Love & Light
Enjoy the ride!


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