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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Juggling Your Dirty Words

It's November, AKA writers must juggle all of their work/life/holiday - Halloween, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas - time and somehow manage to slip in 50K words for NanoWrimo. It's easy, just blend it into work - you are after all, a writer, right?

Brilliantly misguided was I.

This is my fourth year of writing in the real world (opposed to my own private hermit retreat). I have not participated in every NanoWrimo though I have managed to hit up 2013 and 2015. I am trying this year. Seriously. I am.

My eldest son is prodding me along, pleasantly reminding me that my word counts should be increasing. And while I agree, I am in the midst of re-release chaos and preparations for Juliet and The Initiation as well as adhering to the sadistic hardcore schedule of 2017.

So while yes, I do have some ticks of ideas and what not, I make no promises as to having one solid 50k piece by the end of November. It may be 15k with Sal and 40k with Alex and maybe even 13k over there in that little ditty. But alas, I am trying to stay on the rails with this one unplanned and unscheduled piece.

Don't get me wrong, I am always writing, but I am rather spastic in my writing. I'll go a bit on one book and then toss it over for a few days in my mind, building the scenes and pacing. Then moving  to another book that has been milled over for a few days while working on the previously mentioned one. I am chaotic and crazy in my writing, rarely sinking into just one piece of work.

It's just not me.
And that's OK.

I know other people who start one and finish it, then move to the next one. And that is seriously GREAT for them. But it isn't me. I am a juggler. Kind of like plotsers and pantsers, there are also jugglers. And that is really the point of all of this, figuring out what kind of writer you are and making it work for you because in the end that is all that ultimately matters.

And that is half the battle - finding out what works and going with it. I appreciate the technique and ability of others, but I can't be them. And they can't be me.

Have a great fucking day y'all!

For the W! ;)

On that note, half of the farmhouse is resided in by *snickers* Northerners from Chicago (I am trying hard here to be PC).  And I want to extend my CONGRATULATIONS and LOVE to them and their history with their beloved CUBBIES. In watching your passion, this little Texan has become a fan! ;)

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