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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho...Uh-Oh!

So it's the most wonderful time of the year. And my beloved is hanging Christmas lights out on the *ahem* roof. I wish I could say that I am not concerned in the least, but ya, well...you know.

With the holidays upon us I must say I that I no longer care for Thanksgiving. It used to be my favorite holiday but now all I see is excess everywhere with it. So much food. So many calories. So much fat. Just feed everyone a stick (or two!) of butter and call it done.

The fudge though, damn the fudge was good....

It was just me & my girlfriends Olivia Pope and Carrie Mathison that night...and boy did we have fun. The routine and ritual of fudge making is so...fucking relaxing. It just is. And the air just swirls of chocolate and peppermint and oh gosh so wonderfully, orgasmically good.

So now we are heading into Christmas and I am behind on the blog for five everyday thing. But well...ya know.
I am here. Still kicking. Though I have injured my middle finger on my left hand which is causing a great disruption in work. I am writing on through the PAIN! OW! MF'er! OW! She cries!

It started Sunday after Thanksgiving and while I want to believe it's getting better....I just don't know. By Christmas I may just be flipping everyone off. It hurts like a bitch to bend it...or hit the 3wedsa21 keys....ya....bad.

OK loves I am out!

Love & Light to you all!
Throw out the Thanksgiving Tuesday!
If you haven't already!

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