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Thursday, January 16, 2014


The book sits half-done.
It's been half-done since before Christmas/Holidays/Donutmas/This-Is-Crazy Hit...no offense to anyone here, but it is. Crazy, I mean. Sure I was full of holiday cheer, but by the time it all winds down, the decorations put away (which I am still finding), the leftovers fed out to the chickens, and the gifts sorted out of festive room-dining room, January is HALF-OVER!!!!

Makes a girl think about whipping someone's ass good and red. I jest. Well, yes and no.

I know I am not alone in this. I know that there are legions of you who are of the January-Half-Over club, who are just now settling back into normalcy and getting back to work. Its never really affected me quite like it did this year though, after NaNoWriMo, I had such focus, I was driving it hardcore and am currently sitting at 96,087. 

Of course, now, over the holidays, to fuel the masochist in me - I decide to take a side project. Grrr. 
My mind. My brain. If I am not feeding it (working), then it goes into overdrive and I will end up with SIXTEEN (one for each day of January) "side" projects.

I thrive on chaos. The more the merrier. Great.
But mess with my ~schedule~ and of course, I will say it like a snooty woman, sche-DULE, and I get a little tiffy.
I have been tiffy for WEEKS. 
Until today. Today, I got some shit done.
Today, chaos reigns supreme.
About fucking time.

It has been said in many a blog that people want to know how others write. I am here to give you the down and dirty real of it all. I am not going to give any tips or tricks to anyone. I am fucking psychotic when I am working - screaming, crying, laughing - I am like the friggin Joker on steroids. What I am going to give you is the truth of how I am getting from zero words to (ahem, clears throat) "should come in at" somewhere over 180k. Between diapers and dog pads, car wrecks and birthday cakes. No REAL list of advice here just my take on how I got from there to here. Hopefully, you laugh. Or at least cackle. Maybe a smirk. A finger tap?

Anywho, I am out for the night. Ya, all us vampires say that. 
We never mean it. I'll be up working at 3:34 am.

Love & Light.

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