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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Concerts: Edgefest 24

Well, its that time again. Summer is almost here and Frisco's Toyota Stadium is packed for one day at the end of April for this alternative music festival.

I was there last year. With the highlights of Awolnation and Paramore, last year was awesome.
This year was a more subdued gathering, a more roller coaster of highs and lows - or screaming to almost folksy type music. It was an odd clash. With an amazing amount of sitters and little dancing, plenty of pushing, groping and just an all around strange event.

We did have M&G passes, so for the better part of the day I got to sit in the shade at the bar (*grins*) as we went into meet various bands. I desperately wanted to meet Ms. Mr. I am a huge fan of their work but despite our running around the stadium, there M&G was essentially cancelled due to time constraints. Shit. Okay.

Ms. Mr. set was awesome with their cover of the Arctic Monkeys being the clear highlight, Lizzy and Max are mesmerizing to watch their musical chemistry unfold on a live stage and I for one, loved it.

We met Bastille which was awesome. And their set, at least for me, was the best of the day for the bigger, well-known bands. They have such passion behind their work and it is really evident live.

The day ended with Beck. And apologies, though I am with the whole Gen X troop, I am not nor do I doubt I ever will be a Beck fan. I know, heretic I am.

I had a great time, I did.
I spent the day with J and my boys.
Was last years concerts better? Ya. But I couldn't have asked for a better day with my peeps listening to some great live music.

Love & Light,
K <3

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