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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Writes

The challenge was presented by the Muses.
Write something different, leave your dragons and fire balls.
Okay, cool.
Wait, WTF?

What I didn't expect was the vast amount of learning that would occur during the course of writing in another genre. And while I cannot wait to get back to my "home", I must say I have enjoyed the visit. I miss the freedom which occurs within the SF&F realms, I can do anything there. Swirl, spin, and dance. Breathe.

So, I put myself in a box. Forced myself to sit down and write an erotic piece. With humans. Humans who when they piss me off I cannot just off. Sure, I can get them off but I cannot blow them up. And honestly, that sucks. But, I am enjoying the break.

We'll see what happens with it.
I'm neither sure or hopeful, mostly because it was a great study tool for me as a writer and it expanded me in every possible direction I could imagine. From working on character sketches to really looking at the whole experience as a reader in a different light. So if it does nothing but sit and collect dust, I am totally fine with that because its lesson was worth its weight in gold.

I devour through romance and erotica. I have never been a huge SF&F reader. I adore writing it though. And now, even though I probably should be reading more SF&F, I fear the skew so I steer clear of it with one small exception.

And some days, you just wake up with that idea which then of course haunts you for days until you finally decide to put something down on paper.  Sometimes those translations of dreams or ideas turn out wonderful and sometimes they are shit. Windshield & Bug.

Little thoughts from my head.
<3 k

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