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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Concert: Arctic Monkeys

I was not a huge AM fan before this concert...I really wasn't.
But something odd happened that night amidst that wavy AM-gonna-give-me-a-seizure-light.
When "505" started...
And I got to say...I have to say this and heaven forgive me... when the women in the crowd went wild over Alex Turner turned up this insane amount of sexual energy - it was simply amazing. This dance between him and them. It was sort of like he was passionately fucking every screaming woman there, probably a few guys were screaming too. I was just enthralled by the whole of it all. I mean I have seen people scream. I am not a newb. But this was epic. We are not talking teenage groupie girls going mad here, we are talking every imaginable age, race, pretty, freaky - it didn't matter. And frankly, it was fucking awesome.
The experience alone was enough to write a book on...

Light, love, and AM.... "seven hour flights...."

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