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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Breaking All the Rules

It's four am.
I am up plotting my second novel in the Juliet series.
And it occurred to me recently how many rules I broke in the first one. I am not talking technical errors or grammar mistakes - though I am sure I made plenty of those.

I have recently expressed my love of everyone regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion via Twitter. And in my head it goes without saying that my writing expresses that mentality but I realized something, you aren't in my head. I have covered the gamut of relationships in the first book Juliet and I intend on staying that way.

This is my pledge to you.
What does this mean? Perhaps nothing depending on who you are.
And perhaps its completely relevant. The world isn't all heterosexual white Christian people. Not to offend those who are, but that is the truth. And so much of the erotica written today is categorically built for them. I am going to challenge it. May sound like a puny little bandwagon to jump on, or hump on, but I am going to.

Because its really fucking important to me that the little old Granny in her robe gets off, as well as the gay boys, and the white girl that exclusively dates black men, and the Jewish guy dating the Buddhist chic. I think everyone - all people - need to be loving more and hating less. And sometimes ya, I am going to get it wrong. But my intent is always sincere, always pure this I assure you.

And I am so certain this is going to get a backlash, and honestly, I don't fucking care.
I'm trailblazing here. Orgasms for all. Equally. Period.

with love to all,

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