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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Rare & Elusive Alphamale Submissive....

I'm just gonna let it rip...

I like a good strong man. I do. I am into the chivalry, open my door, hand on my back, and a "Yes, Ma'am" has many a time caused a physical reaction in me.

Let's strip this fucker down. We have men - all men - from average normal hetero guy who does the football and beer, to the business to the transguys who rebuild engines and gayboys who flaunt it better than me. (We'll delve further into that in another post.)

I love guys. All guys. Adore the gayboys. Seriously. Adore. I like big guys with muscles. I like poony little nerds. I love the male species in all of its forms.

Women...meh...depends. The girls bathroom is the worlds most dangerous place. As far as the physiology of women, I love looking at beautiful women. A good rack, a nice ass, I am not oblivious. Hell, great lips. Or maybe a sparkling personality. But its more difficult for me to communicate with women. It's competitive as hell over here. And because of that, I find men fascinating.

Today, the thought is all about the "Dominant male". Well, hello. That's good, ya. Okay.
But there is something even better for some of us. And that is the almost extinct species of alphamale sub.

Because they possess all the great qualities of a real man without being afraid to admit they like being tied up.

You'll rarely hear about them, hardly ever see them. Why? Because  they are eclipsed within the shadows of their own masculinity. But I assure you, they do exist.

I always knew when I started writing Juliet, I would have an incredibly sexy, strong male who wouldn't be afraid to show his pain, his hurt, his darkside. Salvatore Raniero has served me well. As far as my characters go, he is without a doubt my favorite. But he's also the most complicated.

I have raised three sons. I have some measure of what it takes to raise a good man. A strong man. And I can assure you it is not easy especially with some women running around, knocking them down, and putting an agenda up in their faces. My older two have more than once been chastised or scrutinized for their overly male social skill. By that, I mean they open the fucking doors. And you know what, there is nothing wrong with it. There is also nothing wrong with it - if I want to open the door - but to rake the entire species over the flaming coals because they did something kind....well, it's no wonder all the good men have gone into hiding. Remember, the bathrooms girls - can be scathing, bitter, and evil.

In my personal life, I've taken on both roles of top and bottom. I have a preference, which isn't important in this conversation, but suffice it to say I understand the kind of willpower it takes to sometimes bend or kneel when your head may not be in it. I have an amazing respect for those alphamales who kneel.

Every time they kneel, it goes against their grain. An inner conflict to be the lead and still surrender to another. That little bit is what makes them so appealing. Not only is their behavior unexpected, it is also not done without thought. Highly perceptive, currently assessing situations, whether to swoop the girl out of harms way and take the punishment later or to do as they are told. Standard practicum of submissive would dictate to always submit to another, but alphas don't always do that. No...and that makes them hella fun to be around.

To encourage more of them to appear, it would take an act of a lot of strong women. Women who know that just because a man may happen to step ahead of her - for safety sake, it does not mean she's less than. We have to stop devaluing ourselves not only in terms of body image, or worth, but in terms raising up to meet the bar. We have to stop holding the grudge. Much like I believe is true in many issues within our society. Looking at the history is good for teaching, but if you keep looking backwards - you cannot effectively move forward. Personally, I don't really want to power-up if it means stepping on someone. That's not growth, that's a boost. And I'd prefer to stand on my own two feet.

What happens to alphamale subs as they mature? Well, that's another book. But for now, I think we should all be relishing in the beautiful chaos that they possess during their growth.

And if you haven't had one, you should. And do everything you can as a woman or man, to foster the growth necessary to allow people to blossom including men who want to be men and don't mind carrying us around on a pedestal. Ahh, the wonders of the alphamale submissive.
Until then, I am going to be their cheerleader.

XO - Ms. Samuels