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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Three-Dollar Money Shots

I am a writer.
I am also a voracious reader.

I am sick and tired of fake reviews people. I am not sure what lollypop land some readers are living in, but...just wow. How can people possibly give 5-stars to something so utterly terrible? I mean seriously. I am not handing out author names or book titles. No. Don't ask.

I have been writing my entire life. In the past year, I decided to put my words out there. And you know what? I have had a lot of downloads, a handful of purchases, and zero reviews. Ask me if this changes anything...

No. I have been writing for years. Reviews or not is not going to change whether I write.
Do you know why?

I am a writer. I love words. I love crafting a story. I love spinning a web and quilting it all together piece-by-piece. I am into it. Reviews be damned. Would I like some? Sure, who wouldn't? Is it going to stop me from writing? Absofuckinglutely not.

My problem is this...not everyone putting books on your local e-retailer shelves is a writer. Some of them just want to make a quick dollah. Ya, dollah. And by getting their family member/friend/co-worker to post the 5-star review, we unknowingly purchase said book expecting it to be good....until WHAMO! What the fuck? Hello. This isn't a story. It's scribble. Hardly legible.

I'm not talking about poor formatting here people. I'm talking bad. I'm talking my reading time in which I could have been reading good writers like - oh wtf let's namedrop some AWESOME writers I have been reading of late - Jade West or Jason Luke or Jasinda Wilder or Lucian Bane - was stolen from me! Taken my time like a thief!

Because I trusted those fake reviews.
I am not happy. Not in the least.

And do you know what? All of you readers and writers - should be pissed off too.

I write because I love it. I write for me.
It's not about the dollah bill.
Or the reviews.

What the hell is this 10-minute book for $2.99 anyway?
That is utterly ridiculous people. I have some $2.99 books and they are EACH over 100 pages.

And while I am on my bitch session:

No, I will NOT exchange a 5-star review of your book for a your 5-star of mine. FU.
No, I will NOT purchase your review of my book. FU2.

I realize my complaining will not stop any of this. For all of the good in this market, there is an equal amount of slime.

What can I say?
I can tell you every time this girl reviews something, it is honest and heartfelt - be it written or product. I do not tout what I do not love. And if I cannot say something nice, I won't say anything at all. Because I have integrity and believe in karma.

I don't expect everyone to like my books. And I don't expect to love every book I pick up as a reader. But I expect more than 10-minutes of faked 5-star fluff. As a reader, I expect you to at least try. As a writer, if you are going to write the 10-minute for $2.99 jerk-off book then it best be at least tissue worthy...and not for my tears.