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Saturday, September 19, 2015


There are fireworks going off in the back 400 acres as I type this to you, so if I random out a "fuck" you know why...

I've been changing a lot of things lately.
Website. Covers. Platforms.
Figuring out where I want to be and how I want to represent myself. This is a lot to think about. Remember, the writing part is easy. The publishing/marketing/networking thing...it's an epic mob.

Not that I am complaining, actually far from it.
I'm having a good old time. I am perhaps the most chill newb author ever, never in any hurry or push for reviews. And I'm still not in any hurry, this is *NOT* my call-to-action. 

I figure what is going to happen will happen.
And I'd rather it happen organically than artificially. 

A lot of people - well, a lot to me - have expressed some concerns about Juliet being a series, then scenes from Juliet being a series within the series. And I know what the fear as a reader is...I got your backs. I got it. Readers are terrified of rejection, really as much as authors. They are afraid of falling in love with - a world, a boyfriend, a time - in which they can call their own and it being snuffed out because the author refuses to be their dealer.

Fat chance.

I'm here for the long-haul. Unless I, you know, perish in flames.
I am here to tell the story. You might like it, you might not. And that is okay. But don't be afraid to walk with me because you think I'll run off. Remember, I'm chill.

I don't frighten easily unless you're a snake or a clown.

And for heaven's sake, if there is something you need more of on this journey we are taking together...tell me. Say, yo Kailee, we need more of Sal's ass...ya, right. There's enough of that, lol.

Communicate with me. I won't bite. I also won't change the way I write so if you plan on sending me your four-page long diatribe on why my book sucks, I'm sorry. But if you need more ass, I'm your girl.

I've got you, babe.

I'll trust you. 
You trust me.

I'm writing this series to the end, regardless if it sells.
I have to - I made a promise - to Sal and Iris.

And now I'll make one to you.

Love & lights out my backdoor *kaboom* (FUCK!)

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