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Friday, November 8, 2013

Giving Thanks

Perhaps it's because it's 2013, but to truly give thanks seems so rarely to happen these days. It's like THX - it's just such a flyby. Or even the TY - and even I, sometimes do it. I was watching the CMAs and the stars, the new, the hip, the glam...and honestly I am rather concerned. Taylor Swift seemed thankful enough for the pinnacle award, but some tears would have been nice, if there were we certainly didn't see them. (King) George Strait meanwhile got Entertainer of the Year and damn that cowboy can tear up! Meanwhile the good (gospel) of Miranda Lambert (she won, and exclaimed quite jovially, "Well hell!) looked like she was even crying during hubby Blake Shelton's song. Tears aren't required for true thankfulness but they certainly don't hurt. And I am certain all these folks are thankful. I was personally very thankful when Carrie Underwood took off the two pink flamingo dress - good heavens it was bad. But let's just talk about that look of Kacey Musgraves during the female vocal of the year - she was either pissed, or had gas. I'll go for pissed. Well, we had fun and I am ty, thx, and very thankful for the time with J.

Love. And Light.

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