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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unexpected Turns

I think of the most surprising things about what I have learned in the last year is those "unexpected turns" - and they arise their heads (sometimes, all be it nasty) when we least expect it or can welcome it, or in worst case, fight it off. And they toss themselves into life regularly - doubling the fat content in a cake mix, eating healthy when the this-that- and- the other thing sits appetizing in front of you, or even, in working out and glitching up one's knee. But even the characters of great books also have those unexpected turns - the things you don't plot, outline, or map. Sometimes shit just happens in real time and in that precious fiction world.

I have learned though in the last year the best way for me to get through the unexpected turn is to veer into it, accept the challenge and march right back onto to doing what I was doing before the ugly beast arose - hopefully you get through all of your unexpected turns unscathed.

Love. And Light.

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