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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I am having one of those days where there is too much to do and too little time. To and too, ya I mess those up A LOT when my mind and heart are flying faster than my hands can peck. But you know, editing, ya. I have been talking a lot about bones lately to John. Maybe because we have a labrador and there is a giant (assumed) cow bone lying on the floor. But the bones of it are what keep it moving. Just write the bones I have been chanting for weeks now. So I have and I'll go back through clean it up, edit the hell out of it and boom its out there. But these bones I have been speaking of - they are also pertinent to daily existence. Sure, I want to go outside and plant the roses that have been sitting in their pots since June, but the truth is I need to workout, I need to get the bones for Chapter 6. 

Writing has moved from a want to a need. It has re-prioritized itself in my mind and heart. And that is why the laundry is late, the floors are not as clean, and sometimes there are dishes left in the sink, and that is also why I am going to meet the NanoWrMo challenge of 50,000...I should be even coming in early by Sunday.
So needs and wants. 
May you always find yours in the appropriate column.
Love & Light.

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