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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Quilt

I started quilting well technically I started sewing back in June 2012. I watch HSN a lot in the middle of the night I find it therapeutic - not that I necessarily buy anything, sometimes I do and I have never regretted it once but I am not one of those addicted people - so anywho they have this Singer Anniversary black edition and for some reason I fell head-over-heals in love with it. I never really sewed. My maternal Grandmother was an excellent seamstress, my Mother quilts (some, we are not talking six quilts a year) and I well, I took home ec and even amongst the class of half boys/half girls - I got the lowest grade in the class on my apron. 

So my machine gets here and I am going to make a fucking apron cause well, ya. And I very much wanted it to be layer upon layer of fabric. It's really a darling apron (tutu) though it doesn't stand up that much
The point is : get out of the comfort zone!
I used to write a lot of poetry. And short stories (romance, aka smut). And now I have pulled the fantasy with a touch of sci-fi beast out of me. Go someplace you have never been. Go out on that "proverbial" limb! You may find you like it more! And me, oh I am a very addicted quilter.

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